Campus Life

A National Melting Pot of Culture and History – D.C. Week 4

Week 4 was filled with a lot of stuff. I ended up going to the DC Chinese New Year Parade with my roommates. It was a lot fun, but it was kind of random. An Irish dancing team ended up performing in the parade, some political groups walked in the parade with banners, and a bank even had a section. In some ways it reminded me of the Mardi Gras Parades I would go to when I was younger, but the culture behind it was different so it wasn’t quite the same.


Photos from the parade in Chinatown.

After the parade, I tried Shake Shack– a popular restaurant known for their burgers and shakes. Every time I’ve been, there has been a line nearly out the door to attest to the quality of their food. Since it was so crowded, my roomies and I grabbed our food to go and walked around the Mall. I ended up going to the American History Museum, a part of the Smithsonian Institution, and I saw a lot of cool stuff. My favorite was probably the exhibit on the Presidential families. They had toys and stories from when other kids lived in the White House. Some of the stories were hard to believe, for example when one of the Roosevelt kids was sick, his pony was brought up to his room via elevator so the boy could see him. That (to me, at least) is crazy.


Part of the exhibit on Presidents in the American History Museum.

When the museum closed and we were subsequently kicked out, my roomies and I wondered around to the Capitol. We took some sunset photos that turned out quite nice.




The next day, Sunday, I hung out with some friends from work. We tried a place that had some pretty decent chicken and waffles. Afterwards, I met a group of about ten and went around the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum with them. It ended up being a nice day, not too cold, so it was great for walking around.


The day wrapped up nicely with a quiet evening at home with my roomies. It was a nice ending to a great week!

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