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All About that Food! – Natalie in D.C. (Week 3)

I finally feel like I am starting to understand how DC works, but only kinda.

Week 3 consisted of more work and class. Lots of the other interns run different schedules than us, so my co-intern and I don’t see them as often as we used to which is a bummer.

After work on Monday, I went out to eat with another girl, Sarah. She is also from Massachusetts and we went to try a ramen place in Chinatown. I really like some of the unique aspects that Chinatown has. They have different sidewalk tiles and crosswalks which add some color. IMG_3279

The ramen place had super good food. I ended up adding a ‘spice bomb’ to my ramen and have exactly zero regrets. We sat at a bar near the kitchen so we were able to see how they made the noodles and broth and it was awesome! Apparently the history of ramen is pretty neat too. It was interesting because while we were eating, the lady beside me started talking to us and chatted with us the entire night. She had a cool backstory that included hitchhiking across Africa when she was younger. Sarah said she was brave, but the lady just replied that she was naive. The lady explained that she was a sociology professor from a community college in Utah in town for a conference. From the way she approached the conversation, sometimes I suspect that her interacting with us was a sociology experiment. Sarah doesn’t disagree.

My class is getting to be hit or miss- I either know what’s going on like 100% or I don’t have even the slightest idea. From what I’ve gathered many of the other students are in the same boat. The professor likes to bring up very detailed and obscure stuff to throw into the mix. Fortunately, this is a discussion style class, so we have the ideas and questions of other students to rely on. To help out with both the class and my internship, I’ve been practicing my geography. I hadn’t even looked at a map since World Geo class my freshman year of high school, so it was about time to do so anyways. I’m happy to report that I have now learned all of countries in Africa, and I’m moving on to other parts of the world.

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day so Peace Corps celebrated by having a make a Valentine Card session. Sylvie let Airieanna and I hang out there for a couple of hours, so we were able to make Valentine’s for the other interns in the building. It was a lot of fun because I hadn’t made anything from construction paper in a long time and I’d forgotten about how much fun it can be. After work, I went shopping for groceries where I decided it was time to step up and cook an actual meal. Unfortunately, I can’t survive off of ramen and pasta for sixteen weeks, no matter how much I want to. My vegetarian streak ended with baking some chicken. Happy to report that my roommate supervised me to make sure I didn’t accidentally give myself food poisoning. (Which I didn’t for all you doubters.) It was ok and brought some with pasta for lunch the next day too.


Thursday I didn’t eat the chicken and pasta. I couldn’t because that morning at work Melanie came in and was like “OMG the Astro Doughnuts truck is outside!” So obviously me and Airieanna were like “wat” because we’ve never heard of that. I ended up grabbing food from there and it was fantastic! They have a fried chicken sandwich that consists of a doughnut in Old Bay seasoning, with a Sriracha and mayo mix. If y’all ever get the opportunity to try it, 10/10 would recommend. I ate the pasta later in the day for dinner after the Peace Corps fitness class.

Friday I worked on this article (yes! This very one that you are reading right now!) in the National Portrait Gallery’s courtyard. It is kinda surreal which makes it even more awesome. It has a bent ceiling made of skylights and its spacious. This particular day it was kinda grey, so that emphasized that you were inside while the plants contradicted that feeling. There are tables for people to work on and many spots to sit down at too.

After I made some notes, I ended up going to see the portraits of the Obama’s. They were super cool. Also, it looks better in person. In my opinion, the portrait of former President Obama is more akin to an album cover than a painting of a president. I believe though, that both artists managed to capture the spirit and personality of each of them.


Afterwards, I ended up going to a free concert. It was for a bluegrass folk band, so I wasn’t expecting much. I enjoyed it a lot though- much to the disdain of my roommates. They do not have the same musical tastes as I do when it comes to this particular band. I understand their perspective though because this band was definitely something that required an acquired taste. It was a lot of fun though and I am going to try my best to attend some of their future concerts.

Editor’s Note: Natalie is interning in Washington DC for the Spring 2018 semester, and is sharing her experiences with us through Mountaineer Post.  Student internships like this are made possible through Schreiner’s Meaningful Work Program, one of the 3 tiers of the Schreiner experience. Please leave a comment for her at the end of each entry!

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