March Madness

There are certain things in the sports world that work like clockwork. You can expect big games associated with certain times of the year. You have the fall classic of the World Series in baseball, the summer of playoffs in basketball, the Super Bowl rules February, New Years is the time for the College Football playoffs, and March is for the Madness. March Madness is an exciting time where people all over the country attempt to fill out a bracket predicting every outcome for the 68 college teams competing for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

Perhaps some of you are competing with your friends to see who can get the most accurate picks. Anyone can fill out a bracket before the first tip off; you do not even have to be basketball inclined. Some people pick schools based on who has the better mascot! Other people pick schools that they have been to or heard of. Anything goes when filling out your championship bracket However, for some people it takes a lot of work to consider the matchups between each team. You may have to analyze stats, evaluate offensive and defensive patterns, compute odds, and string together a bracket that will have your friends envious of your analytic abilities and of course, luck.

The beautiful thing about March Madness that separates itself from the rest of the playoffs in sports, is that it is a single elimination tournament involving so many teams where any given game can cause an upset. Anything is possible in this tournament. Unlike the NBA or MLB playoffs, where it is a best of seven game, you only get one chance in the NCAA tournament.

There are a few things to note if you want to be prepared while watching the tournament unfold. Defense does not win championships. Much like in college football, the team that can offensively blow out the other team, will likely take home the victory. Wins in college basketball follow the same fashion. Wins are largely based on offensive efficiency and scoring.

In addition, safe teams to look out for that are solid contenders for the Championship are Duke, Virginia, Michigan St., Villanova, and Xavier. For any Texas homers out there, we have some good news! Seven Texas teams are in the tournament, and that is the most since 2010. Those schools include Texas Southern, Stephen F. Austin, UT, Texas A&M, TCU, UH, and Texas Tech. The Texas team that has the best shot of going deep in the bracket is probably Texas Tech. They have a strong defense and a powerful offense. When they win, they win big, outscoring opponents by as much as 30 to 40 points. Which is par for college basketball. Texas also plays a big role in the tournament, for hosting the Final Four this year. Every team is hoping to make it to San Antonio, the host city for the last four teams remaining.

If anything can be said about building a bracket, you can pick who you know, you can pick who you like, you can pick from you heart, you can pick from your head, but this thing is only going down one way. With March Madness, it is not necessarily the championship that has fans excited, it is the upsets, the drama, the Cinderella stories that has fans captivated. Any given game, any given opportunity, and any given shot has the power to bend all odds. This is why March is for the Madness.


Tip off for the first game is at 5:40 P.M. where the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds face off against the Radford Highlanders in Dayton, Ohio. You can watch the game on TruTV.

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