Gun Reform: What Schreiner Thinks – ‘March For Our Lives’ Article #2

In light of recent events, there has been a controversy over “Gun Control” and what should be done over the subject. Looking through news channels, and through social media, it really is all anyone can talk about. So, I decided to talk to a few students from Schreiner, and see what their opinions are.

I asked a collective of three questions: What is your opinion on gun reform? What should the government do? Should there be more attention towards mental health?

There was a lean towards having more regulation for guns, but to not take away any rights of the citizens of the United States. Most students said they wanted more regulation on who could purchase guns. Some students stated that they wanted more background checks on the customer buying the gun, and they believed that would help with knowing who will be a danger to the people surrounding them.

“We have been too relaxed.”

Christopher Zieske, a freshman, stated that there would be some benefit from having more of a control over who could purchase guns, and who can carry them in public places.

What could the government do to help with this issue? Kobey Matt, another freshman, said “ammunition should be regulated,” because if you can regulate the ammunition that’s being sold to the civilians then we would be able to limit the problem.

The schools should be able to search the students and teachers or anyone entering the premises, an idea that Alyx Kruse, a sophomore, thinks could help prevent future shootings in schools.

“We shouldn’t blame the gun we should blame the people.”

Junior Paige Voight also made a strong argument for concealed carry, which she believes is as effective today as ever, but changing attitudes towards guns are what has made the subject more volatile.

“I believe guns make places safer. Gun free zones are easy targets for people who are mentally ill.  If you’re armed, you have a much smaller chance of being a victim.  If you look up FBI: UCR Table 12, there were approximately 374 people shot and killed with rifles of any kind, and about 1,604 people killed with knives or blunt objects in 2016.  Our government has made drugs illegal in most places, but people still use them.  So what makes people believe that if we make owning guns illegal, other people won’t still use them?” Voight said.

“The problem with our society is the fact that people do not understand the value of human life anymore.  Music, movies and video games aren’t helping that either.  Parents no longer discipline their children which causes them to disrespect authority.”

A lot of the students interviewed all agreed that maybe if we cannot add onto gun laws that maybe we should pay more attention to the mental health of the individual purchasing a weapon. RJ Miley, a freshman, said that “mental health help should be cheaper and readily accessible.”

After talking to a few of the students, it seems like they all agree on having more of a regulation on who purchases guns, and that there should be more done to prevent future shootings, especially in schools. Controlling the purchases of ammunition and having metal detectors at the entrances of the doors. Mental health plays a big role with this issue, and these students agree that more should be done to give proper help to the troubled student.

Note From The Editor: 

As part of a special series of articles leading up the the March for Our Lives event on March 24th, the Mountaineer Post team has researched and talked to your peers, professors, and Schreiner’s staff to bring the information that may be of interest to you. 

We also invite anyone who would like the voice their opinion on the issues surrounding gun policies, school safety, and the March for Our Lives event. Please email us at MountaineerPost@schreiner.edu to participate. 

Article #1: How Safe is Our Campus?


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