Campus Life

Get Zen – New Campus Counseling Center

Have you been to the new Campus Counseling Center, where Campus Ministry used to reside?

Well if you haven’t, then make sure to stop in soon!

Kim Woods, MA, LPC-S, Director of Counseling Services has been working really hard to make the space comfortable and cozy for all visitors.

“In our previous location at the Campus Clinic, there was a sterile atmosphere that may have discouraged some students from visiting more than once. Also, the constant traffic from gym-goers and athletic staff left little privacy for students who might not want to share the fact that they are going to counseling,” Woods said.

Counseling sessions are free to all students. While the center may limit your visits to a biweekly schedule to accommodate all students, emergency sessions or weekly visits may be accommodated depending on the situation of the student. E-Mail to set up an appointment before you go in, as non-emergent walk-ins are rarely attended due to full schedules.

As for the extended space, the counseling center now has a lot more than what the title first begets.

“We are super excited about our new Zen Den, which will be available to students who can schedule a time to chill out, relax, study, or maybe even nap in the Den, alone,” Woods said.

At the center, some workstudys, community workers, staff, and students doing research projects with Woods’ help keep the building at a mild buzz of activity all day long.

“We are trying to break the stigma of counseling, and by having people here for all different reasons and purposes, that reduces the stress of students who might not want to be seen entering the counseling center,” Woods said.

One of the successful programs Woods and her team has worked on is the Introvert Club. Because of the small campus atmosphere of Schreiner, some timid or shy students may have a harder time breaking the ice and finding friends who share similar interest and values. However, this club provides a chance for students to learn ways to overcome that barrier.

“They usually come for the first semester, and then they grow out of it and they have friends!”

Make sure to take a selfie in front of the refurbished chalkboard as soon as you go in the front door, and to say hi to the fish. Hint: he will wait with you in the reception area.

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