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Bring it On- SU Edition

I never thought that after taking a four-year break from athletics that I would get back into it…with cheerleading. Somehow I did and here’s how it happened.

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January 2018. A new year and always a good time to try new things. I wanted to try something active and competitive. With an athletic background of snow skiing and field hockey, I didn’t feel comfortable trying out for one of the sports teams. But then I remembered the brand new varsity programs at Schreiner. If you haven’t heard about them yet, let me give you the rundown.


Schreiner University is introducing eight new varsity programs (officially Fall 2018)- Band, Cheer, Choir, eGaming, Equestrian, Track, Shooting, and Wrestling. Band, Choir, and Shooting Sports have been around at Schreiner for a while but are joining the varsity status. eGaming, Equestrian, Wrestling, and Cheer are brand new to Schreiner and have already started appearing around campus. eGaming has events regularly and they love having new people so be sure to check them out!


For some reason, I thought cheerleading was worth a try. My expectations looked something like this:


But really it looks like this:


And on a rough day like this:



I’ve been in cheerleading less than a month but I’ve already learned a couple things I think everyone should know:

  1. Cheerleading is a sport. Don’t fight me on this.
  2. It’s also a really painful sport. Catching girls who are 120 pounds or so is actually really difficult even when the weight is distributed among 3 people. When they’re falling, it’s even worse. Epsom salts are my new bff.
  3. Cheerleaders aren’t mean. Seriously, where did this stigma come from? I’ve never been interested in Greek life, but cheerleading is the closest thing I’ll ever have to a sorority. Everyone is super nice and we talk to each other on a daily basis. 
  4. It’s a lot of fun. Even though I come home from practice feeling like a truck has run me over, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It’s a mental and physical challenge with a bunch of friends who support you (metaphorically and physically.)


You can follow the Schreiner Varsity Cheer team online here!




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