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Dunkin’ to the NCAA – Men’s Basketball

We are super pumped to see our guys play for advancement in the NCAA tournament, the first time in history that Schreiner qualifies to play.

You can watch the game online at 9:30pm here:

Let’s get hyped with some student-shared media from the momentous SCAC win on Sunday in Colorado. 

Connor Kuykendall, Head Coach, spoke of the season leading up to that win.

“All year we have discussed having a mindset of playing for one another. We talk about sacrifice a lot. I always ask them if they would rather be a role player for a championship team or a star on a team that doesn’t win very many games….we want guys that want to be a part of something special. I think this team has continued to believe in not only themselves but their teammates as well,” Coack Kuykendall said.

Marwan Elrakabawy, Assistant Coach, encouraged the team to play with all their heart despite the extra pressure on this win.

“Let’s just compete as hard as we can. We told the guys to play as hard as they could for as long as they could. No pressure: win or lose, just compete like crazy and we can live with the result,” Coach Elrakabawy said.

And we know that the result was favorable.

“It was a joyful feeling and a somber one at the same time. I wanted to hug everybody because I knew they understood all that had gone into that moment,” Coach Elrakabawy said.

The pride we all have in our Mountaineers is best expressed by Coach Kuykendall:

“I was just so proud of this group, and extremely happy for our seniors. We have been through a lot over their years here at SU but they never gave up on me, the program or their teammates, which is rare with college athletes these days.”

So let’s root on for our Mountaineers tonight, because they have made us proud not just with their win, but with their passion and drive to leave each game with achievement.

Special thanks to Coaches Kuykendall and Elrakabawy for their help in this article.

Click below to see SCAC Championship pictures. Media Credit: Lys Navarette and Micheala Lehman.



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