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Staff vs. Students Game Night


The Campus GUILD (Gamers Union Incorporating Legendary Denizens) organization was in full effect this past Monday as part of their Staff vs. Students event. Over 60 students and 13 staff members competed with each other in videogame and tabletop matchups. GUILD really worked hard to get all of the decorations up to perfection. The Lion’s Den was presented as a gamer friendly environment through artful presentations of Rocket League cars, Mario blocks, and even a huge Gameboy color. It was like a videogame party with your friends and their cool parents that just so happen to know the games better than you.

Yes, that’s right. The staff were victorious against the students. Dr. McCormick beat every challenger in his best known game, Combat (An 8-bit tank shooter). Staff faced off against students in main event games of Rocket League, Mario Kart N64, and Just Dance. Many other games were played such as N64 games of Smash Brothers and Mario Kart, as well as Tecmo and Ninja Turtles. Many tabletop games were available too, such as Battleship and Cards Against Humanity. It was clear Monday night, that this event was for everyone that loved games of any sort.

What was not clear however, were the halls leading to the Lion’s Den. The GUILD had a smoke machine working double time to fill the room with a smoke screen to create an air of competition. However, the air of competition was too much for our CCAC smoke alarms. The party was postponed for a while as we waited for the alarms to shut off. But even being forced outside was not enough to stop the event. Almost the entire group was gathered outside serving as spectators to a tabletop Battleship game. Nothing was going to stop this party.

I had the opportunity to speak with three representatives of the night. Richard Hosey, Brad Shearhart, and Peter Weldon. All of them had excellent things to say about the night. I asked Brad Shearhart, coach and lead representative of eSports on campus, what his visions for the future of gaming on campus were. “I’d like to hopefully find some of the players that aren’t already involved that play games. If they come out of the woodworks for this kind of stuff, then maybe we can find some good players that are already on campus.”

I also sat down with Richard Hosey, one of the many GUILD members who worked tirelessly setting up the event. We spoke about the GUILD’s future plans, and Richard informed me about the Pop-con happening soon. Pop-con will be a huge event held convention style all around campus. It will involve all areas of pop culture featuring booths for merchandise, a huge raffle, and tournament play. This is going to be a Kerrville wide event, and the GUILD sees an opportunity to throw a nice get together with the entire town over shared passions and videogames.

Lastly, I spoke with Peter Weldon, President of the GUILD, and asked him what his plans are for GUILD moving forward, “The GUILD’s future plans as an organization is to gather the gamers to be more involved with the campus itself, to make sure everyone involved is in a healthy growing community that is able to outreach not only to people like them, but people beyond that. And to make sure that the guild is a welcome place to come have fun, relax, and be entertained.”

The GUILD threw an awesome event and it was an event that catered to everyone’s interests. There was sweet loot gifted out through many raffles, and everyone was invited to try out new games that they might not have played otherwise. Anyone that has any inkling of videogame interest should feel free to join the GUILD. They have groups for any kind of gaming interest you might want to pursue. From tabletop hobby games to pc and console games. And they throw great events too. I think our very own eSports coach said it best, ““They can throw cooler parties than me, so I hope I’m invited to the next one” And make no mistake, there will be a next one.

Below is a link to the Schreiner University GUILD Facebook page if you would like more information about all the great things they do.

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