Campus Life

Etiquette Dinner 2018- A Reflection

On Wednesday February 21, 2018, Career Development hosted their 18th Etiquette Dinner! The event was a great learning experience. Katie Wiesolek, Freshman, said “… the event was extremely organized, and I liked the fact that we were given handouts with facts, so we didn’t have to take notes and just enjoy the learning experience.”

Here are some of the tips that were given to us for this event.

There were five courses to go through, the first course was a Tuscan Bruschetta, fancy word for toasted bread. Eating that was a good start, it appeared as finger food, so we had the choice to eat it with fork or pick it up. The second course was a salad, freshly made, sprinkled with Roasted Pepper Balsamic Vinaigrette. Then we made our way to the Wild Mushroom Ravioli Consomme, this dish was served on a small bowl with a single ravioli. It was a bit difficult to eat the ravioli because of the soup it was surrounded in. Once we got the hang of it, it was delicious! After those three course, everyone took a small break from eating and we were all served a tablespoon of lime, lemons and orange zest. It was extremely refreshing and much needed to go on to our main course. Tuscan Mixed Grill. This dish contained mashed potatoes, short cut ribs and Quail! The main dish was exquisite, they also had a vegetarian main course, Stuffed Punjab Eggplant. The night was slowly coming to an end, and it was finished off with a beautiful desert, French Chocolate Lotus Delice served with Nube De Caramelo.

This fabulous Etiquette Dinner was a great way to show students how to act during a lunch or dinner interview with future employers or current ones.

Thank you, Career Development, for getting this elegant dinner assemble to teach everyone and thank you, Chart Wells, for giving us some great food.

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