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By the time you’ve read this, Jeeves Takes a Bow has taken its final curtain. Hopefully, you didn’t miss the opportunity to see an amazing piece of comedy and support local theatre, not mention a member of the Schreiner student body. Some of you may recall reading an article in the Reveille about Houston Glover’s experience last summer as part of a production (Mary Poppins) in Houston. [editor’s note: We will be uploading choice articles from the Reveille and will try to include the aforementioned article]



I have always loved the theatre but Jeeves Takes a Bow was the first time that I saw a show alone. Coming out on the other side, I have to highly recommend it to everyone. When you see a movie, play, concert, etc alone there is a sense of unbridled freedom. For example:


You don’t need to share your snacks:



You can laugh obnoxiously and the only people you bother are strangers:


Or cry:


Nobody is going to try talking to you during the show:



And best of all you get to be a part of something amazing- supporting the local arts. There are many events going on in the Hill Country for you to take part in! Schreiner University and Kerrville’s Playhouse 2000 is beginning rehearsals for Crazy for You– a musical featuring the work of the Gershwin Brothers. Tickets are on sale now so don’t miss this chance to see fellow students up on the big stage!

Buy your tickets here!



*this post was not sponsored by Playhouse 2000 or the Cailloux Theatre. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

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