Campus Life

Arrivederci, Schreiner- Hello Italy!

The Bi-Annual Florence, Italy trip held by the Business Department is open to all students who want to enjoy a month abroad while earning credits.

The trip is being organized by Professor Jay McCormack in the Professional Studies department.

Courses include FIN 3371 and IDST 4340, which can be found on

Some interest meetings have already been held, but students can sign up by contacting Professor McCormack IMMEDIATELY and paying the deposit to the Financial Services office. More information can be found here on the contract: 2018 Florence Italy Information.

The trip will start July 6th until August 6th, 2018.  Students are asked to update their travel documents ASAP to be ready for the departure.

Senior Communications Design Angie Santos describes her visit through this same trip two years ago: “There was no rush, and there was time for everything, so as to enjoy every little bit of it. A lunch, a walk, a class of preserco, the live music playing in the piazza that I could hear from our apartment…It was the definition of enjoying the little things.”

Please contact Prof. McCormack for more details at Here are some pictures he shared from the previous trip:




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