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So, I’m sure if you were in your high school band, most students referred to you as a “nerd” or a “geek”. That is completely normal for those awkward students in high school. But something that I have noticed in college, although it’s only been a semester and a few weeks for me, is that it’s actually quite “awesome”.

The band here at Schreiner is honestly quite small and we don’t have all the players we wish we did. So I’m here to say: If you can play an instrument, and you miss playing with a group of people, maybe you should email Mr. Lenard, and ask him if you can join the band. And even if you feel like maybe you won’t be as good as you were when you used to play, that’s okay.

Katie Wiesolek, a freshman here at Schreiner University, used to play bass clarinet for 7 years before she quit. She never imagined being in band again until she went to one of the concerts and she wanted to try it out again. Wiesolek saw how even though the band was small, it was noticeable that the band members were having fun, and she wanted to be a part of that family.

Lucky for us, Mr. Lenard, the Band director is an incredibly friendly guy!

Wiesolek was able to approach him and talk to him about joining the band, and he is very willing to help any student who wants to reignite that spark they used to have with music.

Mr. Lenard is great for this band, and he isn’t afraid to push us to be the best that we can be. He is excited to be part of this program and he is even more excited to help it grow. He has a great mindset and it reflects on everything he does for the band members. With the help of Kevin Dugat, the Coordinator of University Bands, they are able to keep this band growing and thriving. Both men want to make this band a big part of our university and community.

If you’re indecisive, or you need some more convincing, here a few reasons why it would be awesome to join:

You’re surrounded by a pretty astounding group of people.

A lot of those in the band are really nice and you can tell they love what they do, because if they didn’t then they probably wouldn’t have put up with the 8 a.m.’s we had last semester!

We have also started to play for events.

This past weekend, we made an appearance at the Men and Women’s Basketball games, and it was a blast! It was fun to play and watch the crowd bob their heads along to our sound and the bonus was to watch our awesome Mountaineers play basketball and crush the competition!

Whatever it is, if you have even any bit of you that is saying that you should join, think about it and reach out to the band. Trust me, we’re not the huge nerds you might think we are (actually we are).

Note from the Editor: Mr. Lenard’s email address:

For more information on the music courses offered at Schreiner University, please visit the official page here.

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