Welcome Back to School!

Another semester waits for us, full of the uncertain, the chaos, the hope and the dreams… and a hole in the ground behind Moody.

As a senior entering my final semester, I wanted to share a few things I have gleaned from 7 semesters enrolled in university. Take it for what you want, or share your tips in the comments below. I added some memes for color as well.

Write it All Down.

Image result for meme writing

As the prof speaks, you should have a note-taking method with you at all times. Write down all the details on how he gives tests, she likes projects turned in, and what font they prefer if any. They will take note of you taking notes, and you will get off on the right foot as a diligent student. And you will have an idea of what’s going on when your classmates are dazed and confused.

Dress for Success.

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This doesn’t mean you need to wear a dress or suit every time you leave the building. But you should dress like you could meet an employer, the president of the school, or anyone other than just your peers. Some professors take offense to PJs in class, so definitely take the extra minute to iron a nice shirt or switch the basketball shorts for a pair of pants instead. Your standard for personal appearance will make a difference in how people remember you and how they see your work.

Be Ready to Make a Connection.

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In your classes you will more than likely have to work with classmates to get ahead. Smile, and make connections with the students that seem to also make their academics a priority. Hopefully you will be able to coordinate study groups and stay on top of the course with friends like these. If you isolate yourself in the beginning, it will be harder to make these connections once everyone is in the swing of things.

Spend Some Time on Yourself.

Image result for treat yourself gif

Make an effort to take care of yourself throughout the semester. Your brain will be the tool you use the most, and it requires maintenance and good fuel. Make sure to eat a balanced diet and do things that will reduce stress. Don’t overdo this though- too much downtime and you will be hating on yourself for not getting that work done sooner.

Don’t forget that these are the prime years of your youth, so take a chance. Travel. Make memories. Build your character. These will ultimately be the biggest takeaways of your academic career, maybe almost bigger than the degree itself. So if you ever feel down, use your friends, family, coaches, or anyone that you trust to get back up in the swing of things. Especially at Schreiner, there are a lot of people willing to help, and its up to you to make the most of them.

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